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Pages I've Contributed to[edit]

  • Sancharram - my first movie page. I'll get around to adding info on each of the principles, soon. Creating new pages = hard, man.
  • Frank Black - added the two albums he's released in 2006
  • Geekin' Out Across the Galaxy - Mraz EP, and my first album article!
  • Joe Dallesandro - added link to little Joe's official site
  • Andy Warhol - corrected the Philosphy book entry
  • Auvers-sur-Oise - which I visted when I went to France. When I went there, the one tabac was closed (it was a Tuesday!) so I was very grumpy despite being on pilgrimage to Vincent van Gogh's grave
  • Stratics - created it; had to be done. And who better than me!
  • Pat Sajak - I added info about his baseball show. Yeah, I couldn't believe it myself, but I just recently subscribed to MLB's podcast and they were playing part of one of his broadcasts with Orlando Cabrera
  • Chuck Klosterman - I thought it would be nice to link to the great interview Gothamist did with him
  • Ridgewood, Queens - added information regarding films
  • Jason Mraz - added his independently released material
  • James Dean - extensive edits with complete television and stage credits based on own research (heck, I used to run the best Dean web site on the Web. No, seriously. Maybe I should resurrect that site)