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Bear and the Gang is an advertising campaign for The Boston Bruins created by Arnold Worldwide and the Boston Bruins. It consists of several episodes that are approximately 60 seconds each. Each episode is centered around the activities of the Bear character from other 'Bruins Hockey Rules' commercials (not to be confused with Blades, the Bruins official mascot), and is in the form of 1980's television sitcoms.[1]

Each Bear and the Gang episode guest-stars other popular Bruins figures, including players, coaches, Jack Edwards, and Rene Rancourt.[2]


On March 26, 2012 The Boston Bruins offered exclusive access to the first episode of Bear and the Gang to users of the Bruins official mobile app.[3] That same day, The Bruins posted the introduction to the 'series' on their website.[4]


Cast members of the series include (in order of appearance in the opening credits)[5] :


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