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User: Mobus

Other names:

Real Name: David Michael Horowitz

Chat/Internet Services: Mobus Gochfulshigan Dorphin

Kenpo/Ninjitsu name: Gochfulshigan Knight

FPS name: Fizzles McGonaghy

Lover: Himself

David Horowitz is a student at Euclid High School in Ohio. He is a very talented Tubist, and he is getting excellent marks in the CISCO program. He is also an avid Counter-Strike player, and loves the FPS series Doom, along with many other's by id software, such as Quake and Wolfenstein. His favorite game of all time is DOOM 2, yet he also enjoys other titles such as the Grand Theft Auto series, and some generic Internet games. David is a staunch supporter of Free Software, including the GNU GPL. He LOVES linux, even to the extent that he installed linux on his Tuba (He affixed a Linux sticker on to it). His favorite distro is Ubuntu, mainly because of its dedication to free-ness, and its stable system that complies with most of his hardware, and because of the wide support base behind the distro. David is also a tubist in the Cleveland Youth Wind Symphony (CYWS) and the section leader of the Euclid High School Tuba line. He is a Yellow Belt in the art of Kenpo, and wishes to learn the art of Ninjitsu. He takes these arts not for fighting, but for a physical strenghtening of himself, as he is the embodiment of the word pacifism and hates fighting.