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Mouser is a dynamic man of action - often seen climbing walls and crushing ice.


I was born on December 23, 1975, at the Theta Clark Hospital in Neenah, Wisconsin, ("Home of the sewer lid"). I lived in nearby Oshkosh until I was six years old. At that time, my family moved to the Twin Cities where my dad took a job as a professor of organic chemistry at the College of St. Catherine in St. Paul. I stayed in St. Paul throughout high school, spending some of my time working in a bakery and the rest of it being a huge dork and mild delinquent.

In 1994, I enrolled at Coe College in Cedar Rapids, Iowa. I graduated in 1998 with Bachelor of Arts degrees in physics and computer science, and a minor in mathematics. My thesis work involved neutron scattering studies of amorphous solids to determine short range order. During the course of this research, I became the first person to ever create a Cesium-Vanadate glass. While it turned out to be a largely useless material, I took it as a matter of pride that it had never existed in the universe before I made it.

In August of 1998, I entered the Nuclear Engineering Department at MIT and began working on my Ph.D. I lived in Cambridge, Massachusetts, for the first three years of my career as a graduate student, moving into a warehouse in Boston in 2001. In May of 2002, after finishing my last required classwork for my degree, I moved to Los Alamos, New Mexico, to pursue my thesis research at Los Alamos National Laboratory. I successfully defended my Ph.D. thesis on April 25, 2005 and submitted it to MIT the following day. My thesis topic concerned supercomputer simulations of photon interactions with matter.

I am now a postdoc at LANL, working with the IAEA to develop unattended remote radiation monitoring instruments. My work involves a lot of travel and I frequently find myself in such places as Kazakhstan, Russia, and Austria.

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