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York College campus


I am a student majoring in psychology at York College, CUNY. However I have also studied at another university as well, The City College of New York I will be graduating in the year 2013, hopefully with a BA in Psychology, which leads me to my purpose of being on Wikipedia.


I became a wikipedian for my Industrial/Organizational Psychology class, in which my peers and I were asked to become Wikipedia editors by professor Dr. Ashton[1] So far I am still learning how Wikipedia works and will soon start to edit pages. I am currently learning how to edit my own userpage and I am looking forward to this "Wiki-perience".

  • Expectations

From this class there are a few things I expect to learn :

  1. The importance of I/O psychology
  2. How I/O Psychology will have an impact on my future from the day I apply to my first job until the day I announce my retirement. [2]
  3. Methods in which to apply my learning of psychology to the real world
  4. If I/O psychology can be applied with any other fields of psychology successfully.
  • Fullfillment

So far this is what I have experienced in this class:

  1. How I/O psychology began and developed
  2. How I/O psychology played a part in both world wars
  3. How I/O psychology can be used to keep workers satisfied with their work enviornment
  4. Confussion and frustration from both my peers and professor


MsNika349 Sandbox


  1. ^ Dr. Ashton(Spring 2013)I/O Psychology 253. Wikipedia. Retrieved on February 24 2013.
  2. ^ Schultz, Duane P. Schultz, Sydney Ellen (2010). Psychology and work today : an introduction to industrial and organizational psychology (10th ed. ed.). Upper Saddle River, N.J.: Prentice Hall. ISBN 978-0205683581. 
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