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Hello! I try to focus my editing on public policy, history, and food, but I often end up bouncing around randomly instead. I particularly like to improve page titles and introductions, since readers tend to use those more than anything else.

I've been editing since at least February 2005, when I added a remarkably obscure fact about an Ottoman–Armenian–Lebanese political party. I really wish I could remember how 13-year-old me ended up there.

I grew up in Concord, North Carolina and graduated from Georgetown University in 2014. Since 2015 I've worked at the Wikimedia Foundation as a product analyst, which has brought me to San Francisco. This is my personal account which I use for volunteer contributions. My edits here almost certainly don't reflect the Foundation's official positions. For my work-related contributions, see User:Neil P. Quinn-WMF.

Previous accounts[edit]

Major contributions[edit]