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NemFX Darkdragon (also known as Andrew McKenna; born November 24, 1986) is a Canadian artist that has been mostly an outside member of both the goth and furry communities for a number of years.


Andrew has been part of the gothic subculture for about ten years now, but originally didn't know what it was until after people had been calling him one for about two years.


NemFX is a dark blue anthropomorphic winged dragon, specifically a 'dark' dragon, going so far as to explain the differences as a western dragon with predominantly dark scales with higher tolerance for heat, but a much lower tolerance for cold weather. The scales are strong, but do not retain heat as well as other dragons, and in some cases it is not uncommon to see a 'dark' dragon clothed in the scales of another to preserve heat.


Currently he does not seem to have a chosen path for his interesting blend of written and artistic talents, since his style seems to still be in the developmental stages. He primarily draws anime/manga and runs his own webcomic, Eternal Flame. however he has been practicing more anthropomorphic animals designs, specifically dragons, hyenas, and lizards. He is also a fairly accomplished writer, but doesn't write frequently because of his predilection for drawing.

Public media[edit]

Despite being fairly low-key in terms of participation in the furry fandom as well as the goth scene, NemFX has managed to be involved in the media.

  • NemFX has been interviewed for a furry introduction magazine which has his views on the stereotypes in the fandom and suggestions on various topics. Unfortunately, he cannot seem to get a copy, as the author has not replied to his emails since the initial interview.
  • He also cohosted 2 episodes of Bunny Suicide, the first of which happened to be the last show of 2006. [1] Ironically, he was originally supposed to do one of the last shows of 2005 before TC's computer broke temporarily cancelling the show, somewhere around Bunny Suicide version two, show 7. TC makes mention of this in the show, and comments that he did manage to get both Jaie and Reizar on instead. The second show was done some months later, in the summer. This show had a better overall quality, due to the 2 hours of pre-show preparation that occurred. During this time NemFX actually hopped between 4 computers, dragging two of them around his house. If Bunny Suicide is ever accompanied by video footage, this moment will be repeated for comedic effect.

He has also had a small public art display for the month of May in his hometown, but he doesn't fully qualify that as furry, as there were only one or two anthropomorphic related things on display, such as a fursuit head he later destroyed, claiming it to simply be "wrong" in his eyes.

Future plans[edit]

NemFX intends to make himself a polymath, and is slowly progressing in multiple interests. Of note, his skills with history and armour are striking.

NemFX has also roughly finished drawing for the year 2007, with plans to relaunch most of his comic projects in 2008 after some reflection on how he wants to write them.

He is currently planning on making a psychology based show for the furry fandom, and hopes to get Jaie, TornadoCreator, and 2, the ranting gryphon on it at some point.

Wild statements[edit]

NemFX is a thinker, and has come up with numerous ways to better humanity without really trying.

He claims he can answer any question, but lacks the ability to solve every problem alone, usually relying on others do to most of the actual work while he sits back and commands.

At one point he realized how easy it would be to cure world hunger in about 3 months. However, the fact is, it would make money worth more, and thus be less profitable for everyone better than middle class. He has cured world hunger, and has begun revolutionizing fashion, but is unsure if he should divulge the answers for fear of assasination and people stealing his brilliantly simplistic answers.

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