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Vinnie Langdon III (born December 24, 1989) is the TV Show Host of The Vinnie Langdon Show! in Vacaville, CA.

Early Life[edit]

Langdon was born Christmas Eve 1989. He grew up acting in school plays, commercials, singing in choirs, and since at a young age knew his passion was in the performing arts. In September of 2004 Langdon started his own Local TV Show titled The Vinnie Langdon Show!

Personal Life[edit]

He had open heart surgery when he was three months old on February 13th 1990.

The Vinnie Langdon Show![edit]

When he was fourteen years old, he began his self-titled television show The Vinnie Langdon Show![1] in Vacaville, California on Local Access 27 in his hometown before he entered high school at Buckingham Charter High. The Variety Show consisted of sketches, musical performances from emerging musical artists, band interviews, celebrity interviews, highlighting and reporting from community events. Between production shoots of his television show he has worked on over 10 independent short films and one feature length film. Since September 2004, Langdon has successfully written, produced, acted, hosted, directed over 200 episodes (as of June 25th 2008.) In the Fall of 2007, Vinnie branched out on the public access television network in Sacramento County to expand his viewer-ship. He graduated from Buckingham Charter High School in June 2008 and is continuing with his television show and doing some international independent film jobs. In August of 2010 Vinne appeared at the Sac Anime Convention and interviewed Ali Hilis (Final Fantasy XII), Roger Smith (Assassin Creed 2), Steve Yun (Robotech Writer), Liam O'Brien (X-Men)[2]


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