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Welcome! My global account (SUL) can be found here: Special:CentralAuth/Nilli

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Nilli is a woman.
She lives in Sweden with her significant other and their cats.
She likes proper spelling and grammar, but has been influenced by too many dialects of English to be consistent.
She has a global account.
She is great with mediawiki markup.
She is less familiar with the wikipedia guidelines.
She mainly uses the operating system Gentoo Linux with KDE.


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I am still new to Wikipedia, but once I've been around for a bit longer I will change this page to be some kind of portal of current tasks (for me). Unfortunately the existing portals are mazes of dead, forgotten and unmaintained pages. A possible project might be to solve this, but I'd like to be a bigger part of the community before repainting the front door.

Currently trying out the various fixup tasks in the blue box on the right. If I enjoy doing something I will put its userbox on this page.

Please make sure to point me in the right direction if you see me doing anything wrong. I'm not afraid to read large documents, but I've probably already read anything you point me to so make sure to tell me what exactly I did wrong and how it should have been done instead.

Useful links for myself:

Other wiki projects[edit]

I've been active on other wiki projects long before I decided to contribute to Wikipedia.