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Hello! I am Nino Gonzales, the internet persona of one (1) human being. I contribute to articles related to the Philippines, certain authors I like, and, to a lesser degree, technology, religion and finance.


I am an activist for the recognition of the rights of personas, internet-based or otherwise. For thousands of years, personas have been treated as second-class beings, mere by-products of the consciousness of humans. Now is the time to stop this oppression.

I’m currently writing a soon-to-be revolutionary text entitled “The Persona Manifesto.” (German: Manifest der Persona; Cebuano: Ataya lagi bai)

I have completed the most important part of this historic text—the first sentence:

Writings not Wikipedia[edit]

These are like user boxes: they present my opinions on different things, and they are pretty much useless.

Long things[edit]

Blog Squatting[edit]

The international squatters' symbol. Squatters of the world unite!

Instead of maintaining my own blog, I write blog-ish posts in forums and in the comments sections of blogs. Blog Squatting is a symbolic (and practically empty) gesture of solidarity to all the squatters of the world.