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Smash Bros. DOJO!!
Meta Knight This user's favorite character for Super Smash Bros. Brawl is Meta Knight.
Pokémon Trainer This user's second favorite character for SSBB is Pokémon Trainer, and his favorite of Trainer's Pokémon is Charizard.

Pokémon anime quotes[edit]

Steamboat Willies[edit]

Jessie: I don't care what those Pokémon party poopers thought. I liked our song.
James: Bet the kids did.
Meowth: Fat chance!

Meowth: First we steal the whole shebang then give the mess of them to the Boss. (imitates Giovanni) A fine pack of Pokémon and they're all mine. Feeding this gang may cost a fortune, but that's just what I happen to have. There's nothing like a pack of playful pals to put out the fires of stressful livin', and that lacky bunch is just what the doctor ordered. That Meowth, what a great guy!
Team Rocket: There's just one word, just a one-way. Rich, rich, rich, rich . . . .
Jessie's Wobbuffet: Wobbuffet!
James's Mime Jr.: Mime! Mime! Mime!