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I like to help people and i find that finding and creating new pages as well as updating and keeping others i am able to contribute just a little bit for everyone else to enjoy and learn. My main interests are musical, with genres ranging from acoustic music to noise. My studies have also encouraged me to help with pages involving Egyptology, though this is quite rare and requires a lot of time and effort.

I started by translating pages from Spanish to English (or vice-versa) but i have also created and updated hundreds of pages.

If you have any problem with the way i create, manage, and develop articles feel free to contact me and ill be happy to review my process.

Main Interests[edit]

As i said before my main interests in contributing in this site are musical and the range of genres im involved with are quite diverse. Throughout the years ive helped create hundreds of album pages (or stubs), upload their respective covers, and keep everything ordered and in line. Usually when i contribute my work does not extend to just one album (unless thats what its required), i focus on expanding and understanding the entirety of an artist's discography in order to give a better account on each album page. I find the approach more benneficial when it comes to explaining each album and so forth. Below there is a list of bands i've contributed heavily: