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I was raised in Middlesbrough in the North East of the UK, and moved to Sheffield to go to University in 1990, and have been in South Yorkshire since. I have a B.Sc. in Applied Chemistry and then a Ph.D. in Environmental Chemistry. After working in the water industry for a while I took up a research post at the University of Sheffield. Working in both the Chemistry department and the Department of Chemical and Process Engineering, publishing several journal articles. During this time I worked in the fields of both organic and inorganic analysis, particularly PCDD/F and heavy metals. While studying and working at the University, I got to travel to events in the USA, South Korea, Hungary, Germany and Belgium (Supping Hoegartten in the Grand Place at midnight on a balmy summers day is highly recommended.), as well as less exotic places like Leicester, Sunderland and Hull.

After a missions trip to Colombia, and various other challenging prods, I gave up my job and went back to University to train as a Science teacher. Having officially qualified with a PGCE in August 2007, I started teaching at a school in Sheffield in September '07, and is very tired but equally very satisfied. (Especially now the pay cheques have started arriving again.)

I am married to Rachel and they have two children, Leigh and Joshua, and live in Rotherham. They are members of Rotherham New Life Christian Centre.

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I have a wide range of interests but on Wikipedia I am focussing on Sciences, Christianity and related topics, especially making sure balanced opinions are given, and that the quality of articles is improved. I also edit article on places I have been and where I live, though I occasionally will just edit random articles.

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United Kingdom
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