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This is the first part of the pages made by me User:Penale52.

  • Note: Players who played for any incarnation of any teams, EX: Baltimore Orioles/New York Highlanders/New York Yankees or Seattle Pilots/Milwaukee Brewers will be put in the appropriate category.
  • Note: If you see + next to a player, it shows that this player is currently active in Major League Baseball.

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Arizona Diamondbacks players[edit]

Atlanta Braves players[edit]

Includes the Boston Red Stockings (1871-1876), the Boston Red Caps (1876-1882), the Boston Beaneaters (1883-1906), the Boston Doves (1907-1910), the Boston Rustlers (1911), the Boston Braves (1912-1935), the Boston Bees (1936-1940), the Boston Braves (1941-1952), and the Milwaukee Braves (1953-1965)

Baltimore Orioles players[edit]

Includes Milwaukee Brewers (1901) and the St. Louis Browns (1902–1953)

Boston Red Sox players[edit]

Chicago White Sox players[edit]

Includes the Chicago White Stockings (1900-1903)

Chicago Cubs players[edit]

Includes the Chicago White Stockings (1870-1871, 1874-1889), the Chicago Colts (1890-1897), and the Chicago Orphans (1898-1901)

Cincinnati Reds players[edit]

Includes the Cincinnati Red Stockings (1882–1889) and the Cincinnati Redlegs (1953–1958)

Cleveland Indians players[edit]

Includes Cleveland Bluebirds/Blues (1900–1902) and the Cleveland Naps (1903–1914),

Colorado Rockies players[edit]

Detroit Tigers players[edit]

Houston Astros players[edit]

Includes the Houston Colt .45s (1962–1964)

Kansas City Royals players[edit]

Los Angeles Angels of Anaheim players[edit]

Includes the Los Angeles Angels (1961-1965), the California Angels (1965-1996), and the Anaheim Angels (1997-2004)

Los Angeles Dodgers players[edit]

Miami Marlins players[edit]

Includes the Florida Marlins (1993-2011)

Milwaukee Brewers players[edit]

Includes the Seattle Pilots (1969)

Minnesota Twins players[edit]

Includes Washington Nationals/Senators (1901-1960)

New York Mets players[edit]

New York Yankees players[edit]

Includes Baltimore Orioles (1901-1902) and the New York Highlanders (1903-1912)

Oakland Athletics players[edit]

Includes the Philadelphia Athletics (1901-1954), the Kansas City Athletics (1955-1967), the Oakland Athletics (1968-1969), and the Oakland A's (1970-1981)

Philadelphia Phillies players[edit]

Includes the Philadelphia Quakers (1883–1889)

Pittsburgh Pirates players[edit]

Includes the Pittsburgh Alleghenys (1882–1889)

San Diego Padres players[edit]

San Francisco Giants players[edit]

Includes the New York Gothams (1883–85) and the New York Giants (1885–1957)

Seattle Mariners players[edit]

St. Louis Cardinals players[edit]

Includes the St. Louis Brown Stockings/Browns (1882-1898), and the St. Louis Perfectos (1899)

Tampa Bay Rays players[edit]

Includes the Tampa Bay Devil Rays (1998-2007)

Texas Rangers players[edit]

Includes the Washington Senators (1961-1971)

Toronto Blue Jays players[edit]

Washington Nationals players[edit]

Include the Montreal Expos (1969-2004)