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About Me[edit]

My interests are in health, physics, history, economics, philosophy and some others.

I am currently writing some items on Evidence-based medicine.

Professional interests[edit]

Medicine - Neurology (stroke, Parkinson's disease, Dementia) - Public Health (Epidemiology, Health promotion, e-health) - EBM

Amateur & recreational interests[edit]

History - Law - Computer Science - Economics

Some of the articles I have started[edit]

Public Health & Epidemiology[edit]




Articles I rewrote almost from scratch[edit]

Articles to which I have made very substantial contributions[edit]

Comment about my Wikipedia experience[edit]

My Sites[edit]

Wikipedia Tools[edit]

My Bookmark[edit]

Epidemiology Probability theory, Decision making, Decision tree ArcGIS, Portal:Artificial intelligence
Medicine Bone disease, Artificial neural network, Brain-computer interface BrainMaps, Mobile phone radiation and health Neuroinformatics, Bioinformatics, Vector NTI Computational biology, apoptosis, Medical websites
Heath Economics William Beveridge, Amartya Sen Kaldor-Hicks efficiency, Pareto efficiency Institutional economics
Health Promotion Social marketing, The Tipping Point Decision making models, Charles E. Lindblom
Others P2PTV, Case-Shiller index

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