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USAF Academy

During the Cold War, United States Air Force major commands wanted a flexible organization at the lower echelons to permit rapid adjustments in manning that short-term requirements often dictated. Because the manning of permanent organizations was judged to be too rigid, in 1948 the Air Force created a new type of temporary organization. These major command-controlled organizations were identified as "MAJCON." Using four-digit numbers allotted to each command (for example, 3900-4399 for Strategic Air Command) by Headquarters USAF, the commands could create and end MAJCON organizations as needed. When a MAJCON organization was discontinued or inactivated, its life ended, never to be revived. The number of this organization could then be reused to designate another, entirely new MAJCON organization. Although the original intent was to provide major command flexibility in establishing and terminating short-lived, temporary organizations, some MAJCON organizations existed more than forty years.[1] See List of MAJCOM wings of the United States Air Force.

While the United States Air Force Academy was not a major command, but a separate operating agency from 14 August 1954, and a direct reporting unit since 1 September 1978,[2] it still created units under the MAJCON scheme, all with the number 7625.

The following units were created by and assigned to the United States Air Force Academy organization. They are all inactive since the activation of the 10th Air Base Wing as the support organization for the USAF Academy on 1 November 1994.

List of units[edit]

Name Emblem Dates Notes
7625th Operations Squadron at least April 1956[3] to August 1962 Inactivated. Initially at Lowry AFB, home of USAFA from 1954 to 1958
7625th Support Group 1957 to ?[4] Inactivated.
7625th Material Squadron at least 1974[5] to 1984[6] Inactivated.
7625th U.S. Air Force Hospital USAF Academy Hospital.jpg 21 November 1960 to 1 November 1994 Inactivated. Replaced by 10th Medical Group[7]
7625th Logistics Squadron 7625th Logistics Squadron.png at least 1976[8] - May 1990[9] Inactivated. Reported to USAFA/DCS Logistics
7625th Security Police Squadron 7625th Security Police Squadron.png at least 1984[6] to 1993 Inactivated. Replaced by 10th Security Police Squadron
7625th Civil Engineering Squadron 7625th Civil Engineering Squadron.png at least 1973-1990 Inactivated. Replaced by "Civil Engineering" under Vice Commander's Office
7625th Communications Squadron 7625th Communications Squadron.png 1 April 1991 - 1 November 1994 Replaced 1876 CG. Inactivated and replaced by 10 CS

Unit details[edit]

7625th Material Squadron[edit]

The 7625th Material Squadron was responsible for accomplishment of the assigned mission to equip, administer, train, and provide personnel for normal base material support for all assigned, 3 attached, and tenant units. This support includes all supply, maintenance, procurement, transportation, and service activities.

7625th Security Police Squadron.png

7625th Security Police Squadron[edit]

The 7625th Security Police Squadron performed law enforcement operations for the Academy, including the air field, college campus, and national park. In addition, the SP Squadron managed the information security program, crime prevention program, and personnel security program; registers vehicles; and issues passes and identification credentials. In 1993 the SP Squadron was authorized 84 military (76 assigned) and 3 civilian positions to accomplish its duties and functions.[10]

7625th Communications Squadron[edit]

7625th Communications Squadron.png

The 7625th Communications Squadron activated 1 April 1991, assuming the duties and responsibilities of the inactivated 1876th Communications Group. The squadron would only exist for three and a half years before being replaced itself.

In 1993 the stated mission of the 7625th Communications Squadron was to provide the communications and computer services and support for the Academy. Services and support include management, control, maintenance, and logistics support for telephone services, public address system, ground radio, microcomputers, local area network, and hardware and software support of a Cadet Management System.

In 1993 the squadron was authorized 68 military positions, 45 civilian positions, and contractor services personnel to carry out its duties and functions.

A 1993 DoD Inspector General study recommended that 12 military positions in the squadron be converted to civilian positions.[10]

On 1 November 1994 the 7625th Communications Squadron was inactivated, and the 10th Communications Squadron was reactivated at USAFA to take over the 7625th's duties under the newly reactivated 10th Air Base Wing.


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