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A Personal Appeal to Wikimedia Founder Jimmy Wales[edit]

Dear Jimmy,

You have gotta be out of your mind.

This is "the free encyclopedia that anyone can edit" long as anyone is OK with their edit lasting about 21 seconds.

I'm never, ever going to give a grimy dime to this house of cards. Every intricately wrought jewel of correctness I have ever placed here was undone by someone whose ego rides on their self-appointed ability to make some page their own personal crusade. Every page is the lowest common denominator of its field, whittled down to that way over time just like pebbles in a stream. Every "citation" just somebody else's web page anyway.

There are so many, many workflow and architectural design decisions in Wikipedia that create and sustain unhealthy conflict between editors. In a democracy where everyone has an edit button, people with a lifetime of education, training, and experience in a subject may not rise above the revertzappers if they're too friendly to be bothered with an edit war. Hell, I'm not even friendly, and I can't be bothered.

I will mention my favorite design decision failure here: The formation of subdomains based on short language names, instead of ISO-3166-1 alpha-2 country codes. This pits everyone's nationalism into the place of an article, flags all over the place for "not a worldview", spelling reverts, and national claims over spelling priority. Idiots literally and eternally use the site to rewrite history in favor of their own nationalistic view. Guess what: I've got an asshole, too. And I don't wanna know how helpful these subdomains are for your legal department. Subdomains-by-language seems like it might avoid arousing the ire of governmental authorities that might demand compliance with their laws by splitting domains across all boundaries. But I'm sure you clowns are dealing with the same number of legal issues from around the world that you would otherwise. I'd actually like to see multiple articles on the same subject in the same language that come from the different worldviews promoted by the presence of national subdomains. You morons could even mash it up if you were creative.

It's truly a sandcastle, and your offer doesn't even include a deed. The notion that I would give real money to crank up the noise of a million idiot crusaders with a million different chips on their shoulders is insane and insulting. It's not a meritocracy, and it's not a democracy...anybody can revert, and the ire of an admin can make any account dissapear anytime. Well, except the elite accounts of course. I have had enough of being helpful, but not enough to donate.

Poppafuze (talk)

I'm Right, You're Wrong[edit]

This is the Wikipedia page for the user Poppafuze. You might land here wondering what kind of person might (have the nerve to) edit (or create) some (or 'your') page.
First of all, don't despair... you can always change it back. You're going to anyway. Run along now, and assuage your ego with that revert.

Let's face it, you're here because I changed your pet page and now you're gonna tell me I didn't cite enough. Somehow that's reason enough, isn't it? You're an idiot. Really. I did it because it was correct. You are wrong. I don't care if you get over it. I am mean and nasty. I like it that way. It goes really well with correctness.

I'm likely to observe the following rules when making a page change...

Why did Poppafuze change that page?[edit]

  • I'm right. This is the most important thing you need to know. I'm the smartest person I know, and the smartest person everyone who knows me knows. In person, I'm patient, helpful and friendly. I like hearing people stories, and their troubles, and offering help unsolicited while giving advice only when asked. When my kids ask a question, I give the real and complete answer. But you don't know that. Not here. This is Online. So it's better to be my 10 year-old-self. That kids didn't like stupid people, didn't have time for stupidity, and didn't like the idea that most people were stupid. So I'm a douche. And if I sound pretentious and pompous saying all that, good, because that's what I'm going for.
  • You were not right.
  • You were wrong.
  • I'm an asshole.
  • I'm an engineer. This is the worst kind of correct person: One who makes a living out of it, because it galls any good engineer to see some incorrect idiot screw up people lives. We've channeled our unhappiness into a great living for all.
  • I tried being this really nice guy here for many long years. But I got so tired of every jot and tittle being reverted because someone else didn't get to call it his own page. What a waste of time...especially mine. Me being nice doesn't fix the fact you're wrong.
  • If the page just doesn't exist or is a 1-line stub, then I'll just flat out put some (more) stuff on it without discussion.
  • I change simple errors (spelling, grammar) unilaterally without discussion.
  • If I had to look up something that was mentioned in an article, then I'll go ahead and make the link for it. Maybe.
  • I'm not big on editing contentious topics. So if I do, I must be right. I'd be more likely to put something in the talk section and let it languish there.
  • If I have authoritative experience on the subject, I may edit, restructure, or substantially alter any page without discussion. Engineers create stuff from almost nothing, and sometimes do it most efficiently by trashing previous work.
  • I try to avoid POV, but I am imbued with exactly one of these. I did what I could.
  • This is a no-puppet-zone. It only takes me one POV to get the job done.
  • This page is the only place I'd ever use "you" or "I".
  • The above rules change when my mood does.
  • They're more like guidelines than rules.

Pages I liked (or their subjects)[edit]

  • Hiroo Onada this guy had dedication
  • Anarchism ...the page has been (at various times) protected and disputed, proving it's own point. Duh.

Cleeeean-up, Cleeeeen-up, everybody, everywhere...[edit]

Things I keep around[edit]



TeX math will gen a png... ...and the page with more: Help:Formula

html math will not... √(1−e²)

plain math might...


  • tt
Real quick, some monospaced font with italics and linkage gets put up with tt.
  • code
Slightly more complex, some code can be inserted with the <code> tag and the background is faint.
  • leading space limited format
Just a simple indent for a box of code, but links can go in:
$ cat foo
# notrealcommand
> and this old house just crashed
just a friggin space.
  • pre limited format
Use pre to ignore wiki but keep special chars
there was no <br> above
  • nowiki, no format
Use nowiki for the hardcore special chars and stuff....
~poppafuze:% cd /somedir
~poppafuze:% cat somefile | grep "\\foo"
~poppafuze:% fg somejob

Facts n Refs[edit]

Is that a fact?[citation needed]

And the more powerful...


Organization or thelackthereof canbe tagged {{organize}} like this.

Bad English[edit]

  • Some people almost sound like they can speak English, but there's enough offense to warrant the {{grammar}} grenade...

  • On some occasions, I have to ask: Do you not speeeek Eeeengleeeesh??

{{RoughTranslation|[[Engrish]]}} <--- Category Bomb!

  • And finally, the thermonuclear version...

{{TranslatePassage|[[Pidgin]]}} <--- Category Bomb!