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This user is in a great mood.
^_^ This user watches anime.
^_^ This user reads manga.
GITS This user has a
Stand Alone Complex
Bobobo This user has the power of the Fist of the Nose Hair.
es-2 Este usuario puede contribuir con un nivel intermedio de español.
Java This user can program in Java.
Musical note nicu bucule 01.svg This user likes all types of music.
Nuvola apps kcoloredit.svg This user is an art lover.
XD This user is interested in comedy, and may enjoy writing or performing it.
Folla Azalea 011eue.jpg This user is a Naturalist.
P space.png This user enjoys skygazing and astronomy.
No smoking symbol.svg
This user does not smoke.
This user supports
renewable energy
WIB? This user knows that the question is: Will It Blend?

WikiProject Scouting BSA former member.svg This user was active in the Boy Scouts of America.
DT This user is a Dark Tower Junkie.
Sossusvlei oPEYRE.jpg This user is a fan of Dune.
Answer to Life.png This user knows The Answer to Life, the Universe, and Everything.
Joker This user promises that no matter what happens, you'll die laughing...
UserboxCapShield.JPG This user is mourning the death of The Star-Spangled Avenger
Antaresia maculosa.jpg This user has had it with mother****ing snakes on mother****ing planes!
Stargate SG·1 symbol 01.svg This user is from the planet Earth. Rotating earth (large).gif
STAR WARS This user is a true Star Wars fan, and as one, considers the films to be a single work.
daft punk This user likes to work it to Daft Punk.
DD This user thinks they can find Rio if they're looking like they can.
G This user feels good.
GD This user is a Deadhead.
ZOSO When this user dies, this user takes the stairway to heaven.
Dispersion prism.jpg This user knows that there is no dark side of the moon really— matter of fact it's all dark.

Yin yang.svg This user accepts Karma.
Baby sleeping2.jpg This user is interested in reincarnation.
Júpiter y Tetis, por Dominique Ingres.jpg This user believes in a god or gods.
Géode V 3 1 duale.gif This user is interested in spirituality.
Religious symbols.svg This user is interested in religion.
Polovtsy.jpg This user is interested in indigenous Shamanistic religions.
Pentacle 1.svg This user is interested in Neopaganism.
Ccross.svg This user is a Druid, but not a very orthodox one. Pentacle 2.svg
Pentacle 1.svg This user is interested in Wicca.
Logo montagne Yama.svg This user is a pagan.