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The following is a list of twenty-five the Rulers of Númenor, a fictional realm in J.R.R. Tolkien's legendarium:

  1. Elros Tar-Minyatur
  2. Vardamir Nólimon (61 - 471 S.A., r 442 S.A.) "Jewel of Varda" "most learned" Though heir to the Kingship of Númenor he was noted as an exceptional scholar whose only desire was to study, not rule. When Elros died, Vardamir immediately abdicated in favor of his son, Tar-Amandil. He was counted as the second King of Numenor, having nominally ruled for a single day.
  3. Tar-Amandil (S.A. 192 - 603, r. S.A. 442 - 590) "Aman-lover" His father's abdication made Tar-Amandil the second ruling monarch, but Vardamir Nólimon is still counted in the list of Kings. Tar-Amandil abdicated in 590 S.A. and was succeeded by his son:
  4. Tar-Elendil (350 - 751 S.A., r 590 - 740 S.A.) He was considered to be a master of lore and a notable scholar. During his reign Númenoreans began to contact with the Middle-earth more actively. It was in 600 S.A. that Vëantur, the Captain of King's Ships, sailed from Númenor to the Middle-earth for the first time. Through his daughter, Silmariën, Tar-Elendil is direct ancestor to: The Lords of Andúnië, Kings of Gondor, Kings of Arnor, Kings of Rhudaur, Kings of Cardolan, Kings of Arthedain, and Chieftains of the Dúnedain.
  5. Tar-Meneldur Irimon (543 - 942 S.A., r. 740 - 883 S.A.) "Servant of Heaven" He succeeded his father, Tar-Elendil because the rules of succession did not allow women to rule, promoting the principle of agnatic primogeniture, else his sister Silmariën would have ruled. He was succeeded by his son: