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Born September 14, 1983
Tucson, Arizona, United States
Nationality American
Education In Progress at Maricopa Community Colleges
Occupation Teaching Assistant
Title Pyrate Queene

Obtaining the moon, shooting for the stars, and hoping that she isn't abducted by aliens from Planet Narclon in the Sector 7 quadrant...


Brittany is in her early 20s and spends most of her time watching unhealthy doses of Scrubs, playing Sword of the New World, and cuddling with her cat. She lives on the back of a giant turtle that soars through outer space and loves photography. It is understood that Brittany is very loud, random, creative, and misunderstood. She loves having fun, either with friends or by herself. Brittany despises whiny, self-destructive people, and mucous substances. When left alone to her own devices, koalas and pandas are the subject of most of her conversation.


Brittany has a high school diploma and a semester of college completed.


Brittany enjoys lengthy hours of role playing Dungeons & Dragons, as well as Demon: The Fallen. She is not currently associated with any role playing groups. Brittany is preferential to table-top games only.

Computers and Software[edit]

Brittany has a hp pavilion 524w with matching mx75 monitor. She enjoys emulators and older games . Adobe Photoshop 7.0 is one of her favorite programs to use, as well as playing King's Quest in original 8 bit color.


Brittany took Latin in junior high school, French in high school, and wants to take Spanish in college. She knows derogatory terms to call people in Spanish, Italian, and Gaelic. Sometimes the words that she speaks are most unintelligible.


Brittany considers herself a artist. She spent her younger years performing in Choir, both acapella and instrumental. She is a soprano and enjoys singing in the car at the top of her lungs. Brittany has been told that she has a "nice set of pipes".

Brittany also enjoys painting, and smudging charcoal. She has dabbled in pastels, and acrylics but favors photography above all.

Here are some artists that she admires:

Brittany also enjoys writing. Most of her pieces are strongly opinionated and highly controversial.


I am: