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About Me[edit]

I am a long-time Albertan; I was born in Alberta, lived briefly in Ontario, then Saskatchewan, and then back to the Edmonton area, where I've lived for over 18 years now. I love Alberta, it's a fine place to live.

Recently, I became a teacher. My areas of greatest interest are drama, movement, playwriting, English language arts, essay writing, history, political sciences, and philosophy, all of which I would readily teach if the opportunity came up.

On Wikipedia, my interests have skewed toward writing for Albertan history, but whenever it is necessary, I'll make minor fixes to any articles in need that I come across. See below for a list of articles I check in with. I have mostly written articles about Edmonton history, and while the people I have written articles about may have had little impact in the course of human events, they have a definite impact on Albertan or Northern Albertan history.

I also check up on articles that have to do with the band R.E.M. since I'm well-versed in their history and have been keeping an eye on news concerning them for some time now.

To Do/Done[edit]

Articles I've started/work on often:
Robert Terrill Rundle
John Edward Harriott
John Rowand
Mervin Vavasour
Fort Edmonton Park - Gave it a life of its own, whereas it had only been a redirect to Fort Edmonton before.

Articles I want to start:
Country Marriage (ie, ala facon de pays, a type of marriage favored by fur traders for the HBC and NWC)
Henry James Warre (Vavasour's counterpart for the Oregon Mission)
A distinct infobox for Hudson's Bay Company forts

Other Articles that I'll Give Attention to Eventually
Lac St. Anne, Alberta

My Wiki Laboratory