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Rob Pullen MX.jpg
Me and my little KX250
Name: Rob Pullen
Born: October 1989
Died: Wait, I'm not dead! At least I don't think I am...
My Sandbox
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About Me[edit]

I'm Rob Pullen - a motorbike mad University student currently studying Web Design and Development at the University of Hull in England, UK. I'm currently a Web Developer, working for a Web Development company and I'm also currently starting to expand into freelancing. This is my freelancing website. I'm also a passionate Vegetarian (Sorry, I just had to mention that somewhere!)

Why I'm on Wikipedia and What I'm Working On[edit]

The main reason for my being here, is to contribute to the Wikipedia page for Online Gambling for a University assignment. The assignment is for a module titled 'Psychology of the Internet Behaviour' ran by Toni Sant at the University of Hull. The assignment has been mentioned on the Wikipedia's School and University Project's Page.

I will be working with other Wikipedia users on this project. The team will consist of the following members;

I'm also trying to start the Honda SLR650 page, check out my testing area for this here. I've also been dipping into various other motorbike articles where I feel that I can help, as well as trying to contribute to the Wiki Project Motorcycling group.

My Interests[edit]

My main interest is currently motorcycles (I may not have mentioned this yet). I love riding them casually on the road and on the track, I just can't get enough of them. I'm also interested in web related stuff, which is good, seeing as that's the career path I'm going down! My main areas of expertise are:

  • PHP
  • HTML5
  • CSS3
  • jQuery
  • E-Commerce