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Sculptor Springtij (Spring tide) at Boskalis

in 2008

Ruud Kuijer (Schalkwijk (Utrecht), 8 june 1959) is a Dutch sculptor.


Once he had completed his studies at the Jan van Eyck Academy in Maastricht, Kuijer settled in Utrecht.

Ruud Kuijer the sculptor became famous in 1986 for his abstract sculptures, in which he often includes recognisable forms. His sculptures were originally made from raw industrial materials such as steel, wood and concrete. In recent years, however, he has mainly used concrete.

Ruud has been working on a group of seven large concrete sculptures on a headland on the Amsterdam-Rhine Canal in Utrecht since 2002. This project (which he in fact initiated) is in the Lage Weide industrial estate and is called Sculpture at Land’s End. The project won Kuijer the Fentener van Vlissingen Culture Award in 2004 and the Dutch Concrete Award in 2005.

Ruud Kuijer calls the sculptures in this project Waterwerken (Water works) because of the various different levels at which the sculptures depict the relationship with water. Four large sculptures are now complete, the last of which – Waterwerk IV, which is called Overstag (Tacking) – was put in place in May 2007. The Springtij sculpture was installed in front of Boskalis headquarters in Papendrecht in May 2008.

Projects in development[edit]

  • 2008-2009: Waterwerk V
  • 2009: Exhibition at the Centraal Museum, following the presentation of Waterwerk V


Ruud Kuijer’s sculptures are included in the following collections:

External link[edit]

More detailed information can be found on Ruud Kuijer’s personal website