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Greetings, fellow Wikipedian!

I'm a German and do some work in the English Wikipedia on articles pertaining to Germany, but also on other things. Although I take some pride in what I consider a good functional command of the English language, I find that often I have difficulties wrapping my brain around all the intricacies of English usage. I'm afraid that sometimes my wording will sound stilted or unnatural. If English is your native language, you might find it worthwhile to look at these articles which feature great amounts of text written by me to check whether everything sounds as it should:

Not much text, but still ...

Please note: This is not to say I'm spamming the English Wikipedia mit der strangen sentenzen and want others to clean up the mess. I mean it exactly like I said it. (And yes, this is a brag list.)

Also: My user page at the German Wikipedia