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This is a list of events, cases and information pertaining to a banned IP-hopping disruptive editor who self-identifies as "Tailsman67".

This editor was formally banned by the community on January 5, 2013, as decided in this discussion at WP:AN. In accordance with the banning policy, all contributions of the user will be reverted (except if used to appeal), and all IP addresses can be subject to short term IP-blocks, as the user is known for rotating IPs.

Recurrent activities[edit]

  • Editing Sonic-related articles
  • Discussion of Wikias, fanfiction, "fan game making"
  • Repeatedly using talk pages as forums
  • Block-evading using IPs and being deceptive about it
  • Refuses to sign posts conventionally, often signs manually with ~name~ (name being "Tailsman67", "anon IP", "TM", "TM67", or variations of that)
  • Edits on Jimbo Wales' page and/or various unrelated notice boards.
  • Recurrent talk page abuse, idle discussion, attacks, disruption, self-deprecation, etc.
  • Looks up contributions made by other users (Salvidrim, Sergecross73, etc.) on Talk pages, AfDs, and other discussions; then proceeds to reply disruptively, with silliness, or otherwise unconstructively for the sake of it and with no real content/arguments nor intent to truly participate in consensus-seeking.
  • Recurrent claims of "I have changed", which is a common, well-documented behavior of people who haven't changed.


Known IPs[edit]

Stale IPs[edit]

User hasn't revisited previous IPs yet
These are listed in ascending numerical order.

Recently active (~90 days)[edit]

Alleged IPs[edit]

Actions taken[edit]


At AN[edit]

  1. 27 December 2012

At AN/I[edit]

  1. 22 November 2011
  2. 5 April 2012
  3. 26 December 2012

At SPI[edit]

  2. Tailsman67


Dates in bold are in the future and denote blocks still in effect.
  1. 29-Nov-2011 → 6-Dec-2011 (1 week):
  2. 13-Dec-2011 → 20-Dec-2011 (1 week):
  3. 27-Dec-2011 → 10-Jan-2012 (2 weeks):
  4. 27-Dec-2011 → 27-Jan-2012 (1 month):
  5. 10-Jan-2012 → 10-Mar-2012 (3 months):
  6. 27-Feb-2012 → 27-Sep-2012 (6 months):
  7. 5-Apr-2012 → 5-May-2012 (1 month):

De facto community banned[edit]

This editor has been considered de facto indefinitely community-banned, as declared by AniMate. As such, any further accounts or IPs used by this editor could be blocked on sight & edits could in theory be reverted without any further reason, in according to Wikipedia's banning policy. However after the expiration of his most recent rangeblock, he has returned and has shown some good faith editing, although some previous patterns of unhelpful editing have started emerging again.

FRWP Discussions[edit]

The editor has engaged in some infrequent, casual discussion with me on my French user talk page. He seems to have accepted his rangeblocks and hopefully he will be able to return as a positive contributor.

Formal community ban[edit]

Following the December 26th, 2012 thread at AN/I, a formal community ban has been confirmed through consensus AN.