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Everything You Want to Know about the BEAST[edit]

User: Sam.Ivey, better known as "BEAST", has been writing since first learning his ABC's to writing research papers for classes throughout grade school and now in college. He has also experienced the joke of the Georgia High School Writing Test and received a way above average score (which really isn't saying much.) Due to his "superior" writing skills being as "incredible" as they are, most of his work should be viewed as intelligent and well researched. He will admit that he may not be the best however at writing but if his page is heading to be deleted, he feels that he should have some say in the process before deletion is carried out. He is also open to any suggestions on how to better his writing and his research skills.

The BEAST is a freshman attending Georgia Southern University. Georgia Southern is as they describe a "large-scale small feel" University that as soon as you step on campus makes you feel at home. However, I would not be here without some of the scholarships I received and they are... Throughout High School I received many awards as well which include... After completing high school my GPA was a 3.85 weighted.

The BEAST is a Biology Pre-med major and although he loves biology he dislikes chemistry if it does not involve numbers. Speaking of which, he only enjoys learning about two subjects in school and they are math and science. His most disliked subject of them all would be any English Composition class. He enjoys playing videogames and on the weekends he enjoys watching his favorite anime, Naruto Shippuden, a major for instance or a hobby or a part-time job or the fact that you go fishing every weekend with your uncle Bob.

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"BEAST"ly Contributions[edit]

Wikipedia Articles: Dr. Renford Reese

Wikipedia Edits: Galactik Football Kurt Adler Hip Hop High School Cory Rooney Keith Drumright Preston Nichols

Me and Technology Go Way Back[edit]

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Wikipedia Is A Treasure in the Eye of the Beholder[edit]

All throughout high school, all my teachers have never allowed us to use Wikipedia because they said the the information in this encyclopedia could be written by anyone whom has no prior knowledge to whatever topic they may be uploading. Which I find to be quite hilarious because now I am a freshman in college and our teacher is requiring us to use Wikipedia to create articles and edits for a grade. I find it funny because Wikipedia requires you to cite all your sources and checks all Wikipedia article posts and if the article is not well documented or contains false information is deleted.

I feel as though now Wikipedia would have been a great place to search for well documented information along with very helpful information which makes a simple high school research paper, "child's play."

I also enjoy how one can nominate another user's articles to be deleted and the user can debate whether or not their article should be deleted.

English=England, American=United States[edit]


To be honest, I do not really enjoy reading unless it involves information or writing I like for instance mystery, suspense, comedy, or adventure. However weekly, I read anime from Naruto Shippuden and Bleach. I do also enjoy reading poetry but only poetry that contains rhyme ( more specifically with couplets.)

Clearly, my first language is English American but I am working on learning to speak and understand Español. I am really fascinated with the language and culture however on Wikipedia, I cannot contribute to any other language except in English for the time being.