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I've been a Wikipedia editor since 2008, and in my time here have been heavily involved in copy-editing and, more recently, the improvement of business-related articles.

If you'd like my help with business-related pages, copy-editing, or anything else, just leave a message at my talk page. No promises, though!

Quick links[edit]

Editing and review: Guild of Copy Editors, Notability, Citation
Good X: Good Articles, Good article criteria, Good topics
Deletion: reasons for deletion, articles for deletion, criteria for speedy deletion
Utility: JCR, User page menus and subpages, template messages, Welcoming Committee
Food for thought: The Manual of Style, The Snowball Clause, When to ignore rules
Spreading the love: WikiLove, service awards, all awards
Fun: Edits, WikiCup, Million Award

My Contributions[edit]

Memory lane[edit]

My first edit on Wikipedia was a vandalism revert back in 2008, because it does matter. I soon got involved in copy-editing, articles for deletion, and good articles, even founding a copy-editing WikiProject that I'm happy to say is still going very strong. I have an old editor review here.

Articles started[edit]

  1. List of accounting journals, with redirect, created 22 January 2014, Did you know? on 28 January 2014
  2. List of AACSB-accredited schools (accounting), created 19 January 2014, DYK in progress, Features list candidate
  3. Earnings surprise, with redirect, created January 17, 2014, Did you know? on 6 February 2014
  4. Accounting, Organisations and Society, created January 13, 2014, Did you know? on 3 February 2014
  5. History of accounting, with redirect, created December 28, 2013
  6. Accounting research, with redirect, created December 27, 2013 Did you know? on 4 January 2014 Good article on 31 January 2014
  7. IFRS 1, created December 24, 2013
  8. Convergence of accounting standards, with redirect, created May 2, 2012, GA Nominee
  9. IFRS Foundation, created April 26, 2012
  10. IAS 37, created April 25, 2012
  11. IAS 1, created April 22, 2012
  12. Voluntary disclosure, created April 20, 2012 Did you know? on 10 May 2012 GA Nominee
  13. Charles Van Riper, created August 29, 2008, Did you know? on 3 September 2008
  14. Stuttering therapy, created August 27, 2008, Did you know? on 1 September 2008
  15. Malcolm Fraser (philanthropist), created August 26, 2008, Did you know? on 1 September 2008
  16. Sarah Conlon, created August 7, 2008, Did you know? on 14 August 2008 Good article on 14 September 2008
  17. Underground City (Beijing), created July 14, 2008, Did you know? on 16 July 2008 Good article on 17 July 2008
  18. Earnings Quality, created June 29, 2008
  19. Tan Teck Meng, created June 27, 2008

Other articles[edit]

  1. Earnings management, created from redirect 14 January 2014, Did you know? on 20 January 2014 Good article on 31 January 2014
  2. The Accounting Review, unstubbed 14 January 2014, Did you know? on 22 January 2014 Good article on 6 February 2014; first article on an academic journal to make GA

WikiProject started[edit]

Guild of Copy Editors, initially Articles Needing Copy Edit, July 22, 2008; and related templates

Templates created[edit]

Template:Accounting research with redirect, created January 6, 2014
Template:International Financial Reporting Standards with redirect, created April 28, 2012

Categories created[edit]

  1. Category:Accounting research, created January 17, 2014
  2. Category:Accounting templates, created April 28, 2012


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