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This is a user page named after a famous Latin phrase. Please read the article about sapere aude if you’re looking for the meaning and usage of the phrase.

Welcome to my user page! I’ve recently joined Wikipedia, and I am eager to contribute. However, I might be inactive for most of the time because of other responsibilities. As a newcomer, I might make mistakes. If I do, please assume good faith, don’t bite me and let me know. I would appreciate any help. Thank you!

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Why I’ve joined Wikipedia?[edit]

In 2010, I wrote an academic paper about the influence of Georges Sorel’s political thought on Italian fascism. After writing the paper, I looked for suitable pictures in Wikipedia and WikiCommons. While reading Wikipedia’s articles about the topic of my project, I realized that most of those articles needed expansion, cleanup, references and citations. I then decided to join Wikipedia in order to improve those articles.

Fields of interest[edit]

I’m interested in history and political philosophy, specifically in the history and ideology of Nazism and Italian fascism. I’m especially interested in the influence of Georges Sorel’s political thought on Italian fascism. I am not an academic expert on this topic, but I am familiar with the relevant doctrines (revolutionary syndicalism, national syndicalism and early fascist ideology), people and events. I wrote an academic paper about this topic in 2010. My project won first prize of Israeli Young Scientists and Engineers Contest for 2011, and was presented in 23rd European Union Contest for Young Scientists (EUCYS) (September 2011, Helsinki, Finland).

Contribution to Wikipedia[edit]

I’m currently adding articles that interest me to relevant WikiProjects and assessing their quality and importance. My next step is developing Édouard Berth to a B quality. In the future, I plan to develop all articles which interest me to B quality. Hopefully they will be then improved by other users as well and ultimately reach Good Article, A class, and Featured article status.


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I am a native speaker of Hebrew.


English is my second language, but I am able to read fluently and accurately encyclopedic articles and academic books and papers discussing my field of interest. I have a good grasp of English grammar, but (since I’m not a native speaker) I might make mistakes in grammar, spelling, and punctuation while writing. Please correct any mistake and let me know so I won’t make them again…


My French is quite elementary. I can read and write very simple questions and statements, but can’t do more. For example, when I read Georges Sorel’s letters to Édouard Berth [1], I understood that Mon cher ami means “my dear friend”, but didn’t understand the rest. Due to my basic level of French, I can hardly read most French text. I often rely on Google Translate for understanding and translating. If you speak French well, please consider helping me with translations and copy-edit.

Italian and German[edit]

Despite my interest in Nazism and Italian fascism, I speak neither Italian nor German. I often rely on Google Translate for understanding and translating. If you speak Italian and/or German well, please consider helping me with translations and copy-edit.


I’m a member in various WikiProjects which interest me (sorted alphabetically):

I’m a member in several task forces of WikiProject Philosophy which interest me:


  1. ^ Lettres de Georges Sorel à Édouard Berth. Première partie: 1904-1908. Published in: Cahiers Georges Sorel, volume 3, 1985. pp. 77-152. doi:10.3406/mcm.1985.904. Letters are available at: Persée publication website

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