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Historical personal planning[edit]

I will be looking into those articles at a later date.

Current projects:
Main project:
Pink's War, the RAF, and aeronautical military history
Air commodore Richard Pink · Pink's War · Air Vice Marshal Arthur John Capel (Currently at User:Sasuke_Sarutobi/Arthur_John_Capel)
Maneuver warfare · Inter-war period · Air supremacy
Other RAF inter-war articles · Thomas Vickers
Other articles Sample size · Sample size determination
Sample (statistics) · Create linkbox for sampling articles
Vladimir Skalička · Check and rate articles under Linguistic Typology template
Energy Networks Association (Australia) & Energy Networks Association (United Kingdom)
Expanding Event-related potential with examples such as N400, P300, and P600
Improving Wikipedia:WikiProject Biography/Core biographies
Previous main projects: The Iraq Inquiry and related articles
Transtheoretical model

Other articles:
Science: Maternal effect dominant embryonic arrest (Medea) · Rhenium diboride · Inheritance of acquired characters
Martial arts: Hoplology · Zui Quan · Wushu stances (collection of articles on horse stance, etc.) · Yang, Jwing-Ming
Health: Weight loss · Transtheoretical model
Energy industry: Elexon · Meter Point Administration Number · UK articles in Category:Distribution network operators
Other: Li Ching-Yuen · Military doctrine · Fabian of the Yard · Heterogeneity · Haptics · Ivobank · Bedřich Procházka · Old Believers & Saint Ambrosii of Belaya Krinitsa · Pike & Pike (surname) · Mona Makram-Ebeid