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Like the new page service, SatyrBot was developed to assist WikiProjects by determining things that need to be done. For the "To Do List" service, the bot will review a WikiProject's "full categories",[1] looking for tags on the article that indicate needed attention. The following is an example, pulled from WP:Classical music:

Note: A full list of which cleanup tags the bot looks for can be found below

The bot then makes two reports for the WikiProject:

  • A Full List of each of the above sections and which articles are in need of the specified attention.
  • A To Do List, which is a random sampling of the articles listed on the Full List. This sampling is especially well suited for users to add to their own pages, or to be put into a project-wide To Do List on the project's talk page.

The only requirement necessary for this service is for the WikiProject to be set up under Version 1.0 bot assessment scheme.

This service can be run as frequently as daily.

Please see this talk page for WikiProjects currently using this service.

If you would like SatyrBot to perform this function for your project, please leave a note on this talk page and SatyrTN will contact you regarding specifics.

Article tags the bot looks for[edit]

Articles to Clean Up

{{cleanup}}, {{cleanup-remainder}}, {{cleanup-confusing}}, {{cleanup-list}}, {{create-list}}, {{cleanup-disambig}}, {{cleanup-afd}}, {{abbreviations}}, {{buzzword}}, {{cleanup-combine}}, {{cleanup-laundry}}, {{cleanup-laundryrack}}, {{cleanup-rewrite}}, {{cleanup-spam}}, {{contradict}}, {{Essay-entry}}, {{fiction}}, {{External links}}, {{toomuchtrivia}}, {{uncategorized}}

Articles Needing Expert Attention {{Expert}}, {{Expert-verify}}, {{in-universe}}
Articles Needing Wikification {{cleanup-restructure}}, {{proseline}}, {{wikify}}
Articles With NPOV Issues

{{advert}}, {{fansite}}, {{review}}, {{POV}}, {{POV-section}}, {{totally-disputed}}, {{totally-disputed-section}}, {{sections}}, {{globalize}}, {{story}}, {{weasel}}

Articles Needing Verification

{{copypaste}}, {{Disputed}}, {{Disputed-section}}, {{citations missing}}, {{citecheck}}, {{unreferenced}}, {{Unreferencedsect}}, {{originalresearch}}

Articles Needing Expanding {{context}}, {{Expand-section}}, {{local}}, {{Expand}}
Articles Needing Translation

{{Notenglish}}, {{TranslatePassage}}, {{cleanup-translation}}, {{RoughTranslation}}

Articles Possibly Up For Deletion In Category:Articles for deletion


  1. ^ full categories are those where the project maintains all the articles within the category. As an example, all the articles in Category:Politics of Illinois are maintained by WP:Illinois - that's a "full category". In contrast, while some of the articles in Category:Chicago and Eastern Illinois Railroad are maintained by WP:CHICAGO, some do not. This is a "partial category".