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In the interests of full disclosure, I'd like to announce certain associations and affiliations I might have that could give the impression of conflicts of interest:

I'm a happy and avid consumer of air, though when I look up in the glorious sky I know that there is no God because I am a strong atheist. I like to watch my any of my Samsung televisions, with a particular preference for high-definition television. I'm a prolific user of computers, running Microsoft's Windows XP on largely Dell computers. I almost exclusively use Mozilla Firefox, although I will grudgingly check any web development work I do on Internet Explorer (which I detest almost as much as Apple stuff). I maintain a number of websites, largely hosted by DreamHost, and I have some domains registered with GoDaddy. I get both my TV and internet service through Comcast, but my telephone service through Verizon (I save money on international calls with Skype). I have always preferred Nokia cellular phones, and I am on the AT&T wireless network. Although not able to vote in United States elections (I'm just a permanent resident) I am interested in the politics of that nation.