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Path To Each Philosophy[edit]

There are many ways to obtain each philosophy depending upon your species behavior in each phase of its evolution.

The table below shows how to get each philosophy. The table is ordered by phases gone through. Visiting each philosophy's page will display a smaller table showing only the paths for that philosophy.

Behavior in Cell phase Behavior in Creature phase Behavior in Tribal phase Behavior in Civilization phase Resulting Philosophy
Herbivore Social Friendly Religious Shaman
Herbivore Social Friendly Economic Shaman
Herbivore Social Friendly Military Shaman
Herbivore Social Industrious Religious Shaman
Herbivore Social Industrious Economic Diplomat
Herbivore Social Industrious Military Ecologist
Herbivore Social Aggressive Religious Shaman
Herbivore Social Aggressive Economic Ecologist
Herbivore Social Aggressive Military Zealot
Herbivore Adaptable Friendly Religious Shaman
Herbivore Adaptable Friendly Economic Diplomat
Herbivore Adaptable Friendly Military Ecologist
Herbivore Adaptable Industrious Religious Diplomat
Herbivore Adaptable Industrious Economic Trader
Herbivore Adaptable Industrious Military Bard
Herbivore Adaptable Aggressive Religious Ecologist
Herbivore Adaptable Aggressive Economic Bard
Herbivore Adaptable Aggressive Military Knight
Herbivore Predator Friendly Religious Shaman
Herbivore Predator Friendly Economic Ecologist
Herbivore Predator Friendly Military Zealot
Herbivore Predator Industrious Religious Ecologist
Herbivore Predator Industrious Economic Bard
Herbivore Predator Industrious Military Knight
Herbivore Predator Aggressive Religious Zealot
Herbivore Predator Aggressive Economic Knight
Herbivore Predator Aggressive Military Warrior
Omnivore Social Friendly Religious Shaman
Omnivore Social Friendly Economic Diplomat
Omnivore Social Friendly Military Ecologist
Omnivore Social Industrious Religious Diplomat
Omnivore Social Industrious Economic Trader
Omnivore Social Industrious Military Bard
Omnivore Social Aggressive Religious Ecologist
Omnivore Social Aggressive Economic Bard
Omnivore Social Aggressive Military Knight
Omnivore Adaptable Friendly Religious Diplomat
Omnivore Adaptable Friendly Economic Trader
Omnivore Adaptable Friendly Military Bard
Omnivore Adaptable Industrious Religious Trader
Omnivore Adaptable Industrious Economic Trader
Omnivore Adaptable Industrious Military Trader
Omnivore Adaptable Aggressive Religious Bard
Omnivore Adaptable Aggressive Economic Trader
Omnivore Adaptable Aggressive Military Scientist
Omnivore Predator Friendly Religious Ecologist
Omnivore Predator Friendly Economic Bard
Omnivore Predator Friendly Military Knight
Omnivore Predator Industrious Religious Bard
Omnivore Predator Industrious Economic Trader
Omnivore Predator Industrious Military Scientist
Omnivore Predator Aggressive Religious Knight
Omnivore Predator Aggressive Economic Scientist
Omnivore Predator Aggressive Military Warrior
Carnivore Social Friendly Religious Shaman
Carnivore Social Friendly Economic Ecologist
Carnivore Social Friendly Military Zealot
Carnivore Social Industrious Religious Ecologist
Carnivore Social Industrious Economic Bard
Carnivore Social Industrious Military Knight
Carnivore Social Aggressive Religious Zealot
Carnivore Social Aggressive Economic Knight
Carnivore Social Aggressive Military Warrior
Carnivore Adaptable Friendly Religious Ecologist
Carnivore Adaptable Friendly Economic Bard
Carnivore Adaptable Friendly Military Knight
Carnivore Adaptable Industrious Religious Bard
Carnivore Adaptable Industrious Economic Trader
Carnivore Adaptable Industrious Military Scientist
Carnivore Adaptable Aggressive Religious Knight
Carnivore Adaptable Aggressive Economic Scientist
Carnivore Adaptable Aggressive Military Warrior
Carnivore Predator Friendly Religious Zealot
Carnivore Predator Friendly Economic Knight
Carnivore Predator Friendly Military Warrior
Carnivore Predator Industrious Religious Knight
Carnivore Predator Industrious Economic Scientist
Carnivore Predator Industrious Military Warrior
Carnivore Predator Aggressive Religious Warrior
Carnivore Predator Aggressive Economic Warrior
Carnivore Predator Aggressive Military Warrior