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My name is Shannon Rallo. I attend St. Charles Community College. I attend on obtaining a degree in Nursing. After community college, I will attend a four year university where I will obtain my masters degree in Nursing. One day I hope to be an emergency room nurse.

Pyschology 101 assignments[edit]

  1. create wikipedia account
  2. create user page
  3. introduce myself on my wikipedia page
  4. add name to the list
  5. create this page

Edited Article[edit]

Food Neophobia

  1. I added in a reference.
  2. using that reference, I added a few bits of information, such as solutions for the disorder, how to avoid it, and ways to help children overcome it.
  3. I posted all of this information on the article's discussion page.

possible articles to edit[edit]

  1. aracniphobia
  2. child psychotherapy
  3. maladaptive

The article I added to, was Arachnophobia. I added the very last paragraph of information on the page, and then cited it. I had the 5th reference. arachnophobia

Editing the 2 people below me[edit]

I edited Caffeine Induced Sleep Disorder and my edits and contributions to their contributions are on the TALK Page for that article. Mine is the very last paragraph. This was for Mschepker93, and here the link to the TALK page :

The second person I edited for was KESigmund13 and her article on Avoidance Coping. My evaluation is the very last paragraph on the TALK page. Here is the link for the TALK page: