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This aims to be a list of factoid collections about people and things and aims to be as comprehensive as possible. This list in a different format existed in the Chuck Norris facts article, but were deleted. Feel free to add more stuff here.


Bill Nye[edit]

Bob Sanders[edit]

Indianapolis Colts safety.

Bruce Campbell[edit]

An actor.

Bruce Schneier[edit]

Buffy Summers[edit]

Fictional protagonist of Buffy the Vampire Slayer (TV series).

Captain Falcon[edit]

Captain Falcon from the F-Zero games.

Chuck Norris[edit]

Clarissa Darling[edit]

Fictional protagonist of Clarissa Explains It All.

Cole Hamels[edit]

Philadelphia Phillies pitcher

Dave Green[edit]

Cambridge astrophysicist

Don Knuth[edit]

Dor Malul[edit]

Maccabi Tel-Aviv football player

Emma Watson[edit]

English actress and model, who rose to fame after having played Hermione on the Harry Potter films.

Jack Bauer[edit]

Television series 24 character.

John Resig[edit]

Creator of the jQuery library for client-side JavaScript.

Jon Finkel[edit]

Professional Magic: The Gathering player

Jon Skeet[edit]

Kevin Federline[edit]

Larry Wall[edit]

Linus Torvalds[edit]

Michael G. Schwern[edit]

Perl programmer.

Michael Phelps[edit]

Olympics swimming champion.

Mr. T[edit]

National Security Agency[edit]

Paul Erdős[edit]

Ron Paul[edit]


High Oveloard Saurfang, World of Warcraft character.

Summer Glau[edit]

Hollywood actress.

Tim Tebow[edit]

Florida Gators quarterback

Tony Iommi[edit]

Black Sabbath guitarist.

Xena, the Warrior Princess[edit]

XSLT (XSL Transformations)[edit]


This idea has also been spoofed in the "Weird Al" Yankovic song "CNR" (about Charles Nelson Reilly). The video for this song even briefly shows an image of Chuck Norris's head in the background.