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Simon's screen name or nickname is SimonOrJ. I use the signature "SimonOrJ"(U/T/C) on the talk pages.

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I am a college student living in the United States of America. Born in South Korea, I immigrated to the United States by the year of 2004 to John F. Kennedy International Airport.
Since 2011, I, somehow, developed an interest on Pokémon. I decided to join Bulbapedia and edit some of their articles for grammatical and translation errors.
I am interested in electronics and programming. I also shifted my interest towards My Little Pony: Friendship Is Magic, succeeded by Pokémon. As of now, I am working to get a degree on Computer Engineering.


I like to create Userboxes for people in Wikipedia.
Besides that, I also like to edit, improve, or fix any err

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ors on Wikipedia.

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