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NameSiôn le Roux
Born27 January 1990
Blood typeO+
Education and employment
High schoolWindhoek International School
UniversityPolytechnic of Namibia
Hobbies, favourites and beliefs
MoviesThe Matrix
Contact info

Hi, I'm Siôn le Roux, also known online as sinisterstuf, I like Linux, programming, music and extreme sports. I like to advocate and contribute to free software. I also learn a lot from Wikipedia and like to give back by improving articles when I get the opportunity. E-Mail Me or leave a message on my talk page if you'd like to get in contact!

Me On Wikipedia[edit]

I've had a Wikipedia account for a long time but I've never had the courage to create an article from scratch, please see if you can help me with my drafts to get them to a state where they can go live. I recently added the Windhoek International School article to the encyclopaedia. Most of the changes I make to articles are only spelling, grammar or technical things because most of the articles I read are written by people who seem far more knowledgeable on the topic than I am.

What I'm Working On[edit]


If you have time to add content or check my grammar or help copy-edit these articles, it would be very much appreciated!

On the main site[edit]

Sandboxed WIP[edit]

  • User:Sinisterstuf/BRAINSSandboxed WIP: BRAINS, the Hungarian band, translating from the Hungarian Wikipedia (new page)


I've just started translating articles to Afrikaans, see my userpage on the Afrikaans Wikipedia for more information.


You can also have a look at my contributions to Wikipedia.

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