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Welcome to lair of the slap happy president!

This is my userpage. If you're wondering where I got the name slaphappypresident, ask me anytime. It's a really funny story!


Many thanks to Heddfones for allowing me to use his page format.

About Me

I'm from Baltimore, Maryland and I regularly contribute to the GameToast forum and the Fallen Angels clan forums.

I'm pretty good with computers, I'm only 16, but Wikipedia's a hobby....I'm also a Star Wars fan, I own the hit games Star Wars Battlefront II and Republic Commando. On the internet, I go by SlapHappyPresident or PrinceXizor. The latter is named for a Falleen in Star Wars.

I enjoy watching Family Guy, and The Simpsons.

I scored 195 on the "Are you a Wikipediholic" test making me a Wikipediholic. But, back on topic, that's a bit about me. =D

E-mail me

Praise is appreciated!!!

Why do I like Wikipedia

It's a great resource and enjoyable to contribute to.

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Articles That I created:[edit]

I'm still getting started, but this will be updated as more info streams in.

Links that I'm interested in:[edit]