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I've used Wikipedia for many years, and I'm just learning to edit. Input is certainly appreciated.

My interests include physics (completing undergrad this summer), chess (1700 USCF), and policy debate (debated four years). If you're working on a Wikipedia project related to any of these and would like the help of a total newbie, drop me a line. I'm a great researcher, and I have access to a number of databases (including LexisNexis and Infotrac) through my school. If you ever need access to a news or journal article, I'm more than willing to help out.

To Do[edit]

Eventually I'll break these out into "daily," "weekly," etc. If you know of any projects that need more grunt work and general knowledge than wikipedia experience and poetic writing skills, leave a note.

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Notes to self[edit]

The Signpost
1 July 2015

I can't read in a straight line - I learn by doing and keep the user manual at arm's reach.





Wikipedia:Policies and Guidelines

Help:Contents/Policies and guidelines
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Wikipedia:Guide to layout

Wikipedia:Manual of Style


Wikipedia:Glossary - Acronyms and Wikipedian-speak




Wikipedia:No original research

Wikipedia:Reliable sources



Wikipedia:Embedded citations

Wikipedia:Citation templates

Wikipedia:Harvard referencing

Wikipedia:External links

Wikipedia:Forum for Encyclopedic Standards

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Tip of the day[edit]

Tip of the day...

Band Articles

Are you thinking of creating an article on a band you know? First, check to see if there is already an article for the band. Next, remember that Wikipedia has certain music notability requirements that bands should meet in order to have their own article. Some of these include being featured in multiple non-trivial published works or winning a major music award, such as a Grammy, Juno or Mercury Music Award. A band need not meet all of these criteria, but it should meet at least one of them.

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