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Here are a few good links for newcomers:

1. My name is Paul. I live in Tasmania - a relatively remote corner of the global village, but not in Africa. I lived and worked for some years (at what is now a very remote date) in Papua New Guinea. I speak and understand Hiri Motu and Tok Pisin, although I am now rather rusty, especially in the latter.

2. I am relatively elderly (precise date of birth is classified information).

3. I am a member of the Baha'i Faith but in many respects a very bad example of what a Baha'i should be. I try anyway.

4. I am a retired librarian - my principal occupation (besides wasting my time on the internet) is caring for one of my adult sons - who has acquired brain damage from an accident during his childhood. I also host a community radio program on Musicals and Operetta.

5. I am the author of a comprehensive revision of the 200s (religion) section of the Dewey Decimal Classification that resolves the religious bias of the regular classification. It is used by a few (mostly Baha'i) libraries - but the publishers of the main scheme are (alas) not interested. The publishers of the UDC classification's latest schedule mirrors several features of my re-casting of Dewey - I contacted them on the subject (some years ago now) and we agreed it was highly unlikely that either of us deliberately plagiarised the other.

6. I have conspicuously failed to grow out of a childhood fascination with aviation and related topics - my favourite period being the 1914-1918 conflict. I recognise that this is a strange obsession for a pacifist.

7. I own a very large number of books and music CDs. Or they own me - not sure which sometimes.