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Click here to vandalize!!!!! Otherwise, edit productively.

These days, I haven't been as interested in Wikipedia, but I still edit, once something on my watchlist gets edited...

I am one of the most private users on Wikipedia. All the "private" information I'll give out to you is that I'm one of the 200 million people who live in the eastern U.S. Bet you can't find me!

However, I will tell you what I do on Wikipedia.

What I do on Wikipedia[edit]

Besides vandal reverting (which I do a LOT of), I write about roller coasters and cattle. I also participate in AfD discussions and the like. I have over 1000 edits.

  • 2/20/06: First edit as an anon
  • 3/14/06: First vandal reversion as an anon
  • 3/19/06: First edit as SupaStarGirl
  • 4/10/06: First article created
  • 4/11/06: First pagemove
  • 4/25/06: First vandal reversion as SupaStarGirl
  • 9/29/06: 500th edit as SupaStarGirl
  • 10/26/06: The day when my userpage was vandalized 40 times. I should have warned him instead of staying on my userpage and reverting him.
  • 12/16/06: 1000th edit as SupaStarGirl. In fact, the 1000th edit was the addition of these sentences to my userpage!

My opinion of Wikipedia[edit]

I'll also tell you my opinion of Wikipedia. Fun site to edit! However, it is not as reliable as Encyclopaedia Britannica, and an OK source. Format and grammar errors are more common than content errors, and a LOT more common than vandalism and hoax (fake) articles. The reason why I've found all the vandalism is because I've been looking for it by clicking the "Recent changes" link at left. Wikipedia is more reliable than, but less reliable than If you see a suspicious article, don't trust it, or, if you want, edit it!

I've been to the site and seen the good, the bad, and the ugly. The most reliable articles are the articles that lots of people visit (at least when they are not vandalism, because they get a lot of vandalism as well!). The least reliable articles are those that are in really bad format that have only a couple of contributors in the edit history.

My articles[edit]

I have created many articles on the English Wikipedia. Jr. Gemini, Woodstock Express, Braford, Maine-Anjou, and Wikipedia:Edits with silly edit summaries. The edit summary article was part of a series of pages of funny vandalism called Bad Jokes and Other Deleted Nonsense (which someone else created). It was deleted because it wasn't as funny as the others. I agree with them! :-(


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One last note[edit]

This page has been tested or vandalized many times. The worst one was an anon IP that inserted some really gross text FOURTY times in a row! If you want to test out Wikipedia, use the sandbox instead. If you want to insert nonsense, go to User:SupaStarGirl/Vandalbox. There, you can vandalize, and it's perfectly fine! Or, if you don't just want nonsense, but want to show your sense of humor, check out Uncyclopedia.