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Everything you wanted to know about me
MT This user is a student or alumnus of Middle Tennessee State University.
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This user believes that ain't is a proper word to use in place of a contraction of a verb and a pronoun. Ain't that right?
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Lutheran Church-
Missouri Synod
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ABORTION KILLS This user KNOWS life begins at conception and that the fallacy of modern times is hindering it.
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USSArizona PearlHarbor.jpg Pearl Harbor
May we never forget…
9/11 This user rejects the conspiracy theories of the 9/11 Truth Movement. TROOF


T18 is an online racer who races on NASCAR Racing 4,iRacing and NR2003. He races in the NORL (admin). T18 graduated high school from Lutheran High School South in 2008. T18 attended MTSU and Graduated in 2013 with a Dispatchers License.

T18 races the #22 Volkswagen in all N4 Events he enters. The team which he both part-ownes and races for is called Top Geer. The team began in 2006 as McDonnell Racing, before it became Rookie of the Year Racing for the NFB series. In late 2007 early 08 the team left Chevy and went to TRD and changed to the name of Super Aguri Toyota. For the 2009 year the name changed once more to Blue Raider Motorsports (BRM). In Early 2010 BRM joined with another driver McFoley, becoming MFI. By the end of March MFI had brought on 2 other drivers becoming a 4 car team. In 2010 MFI disbanded. After a few months of running solo he picked up two other drivers.