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I use the names Takuy, Tako (sometimes tako1337) and Super Saiyan X around the internet. A lot of the people using the first three names aren't me, however.


I edit things relating to DC Comics, Dragon Ball Z, other stuff that I'm interested in, and just random things here and there.



I disagree with a lot of Wikipedia's policy and guidelines, unfortunately there's nothing I can do to fix that. Everything is too political, everything is a debate. It takes too much effort to improve Wikipedia without being hassled by another editor about something being undue weight. Editors forget that Wikipedia isn't just an Encyclopedia, it's something that anyone can edit - and therefore policy and guidelines are dumb. You cannot invite the entire Internet to contribute and then argue about the content. Every piece of knowledge - trivial or not - has a place in an Encyclopedia. "the sum of all human knowledge"[1] my ass.