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Timothy R. Butler serves as University Chaplain and Instructor at Lindenwood University and is ordained in the Presbyterian Church in America. Tim is also Pastor of Discipleship at Grace Presbyterian Church of St. Charles County. He is a graduate student at Concordia Seminary, pursuing an Ph.D. in Reformation Studies. He holds an MDiv from Covenant Theological Seminary and a BA in Religion, English Literature and Philosophy from Lindenwood University. He is a Presbyterian (Reformed) Christian and a philosophical realist, following the thought of Aristotle.

Points of View[edit]

Tim is an amateur literary critic with a old historical-formalist-mimeticist style of criticism that draws significantly from Existentialist thought and the archetypal psychology of C.G. Jung. He primarily prefers pre-Enlightment literature, particularly classical and Renaissance literature, although Tim happily gives a nod to some modernist and post-modernist literature from the likes of T.S. Eliot and Tom Stoppard.

In theology, Tim's most significant influence comes from Martin Bucer, Thomas Aquinas, John Calvin, Martin Luther and Karl Barth. As he puts it, he is "Evangelical in spirit, Reformed in theology, Presbyterian in governance." Most of Tim's views would be considered Evangelical, but his academic approach to religion sometimes causes people to think otherwise. He supports the integration of philosophy and theology into a cohesive worldview as in Scholasticism but does so bearing in mind Barth's general concern that philosophy should not overrule God's revelation.

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