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Who I am[edit]

I'm half-Hungarian, half-English. I was born in Budapest. I attend Eton College. I am an avid student of Soviet history, and that of Russia in general. In terms of politics I'm firmly right-wing, although I'm on the "left" religiously, believing in secularism and non-ecclesiastical Christianity. I've administrated some sites about the Soviet Union. I'm a native speaker (as you can see on the right) of Hungarian, and I'm learning a few other languages as well.

What I do here[edit]

This user is a translator from Hungarian to English on Wikipedia:Translation.
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I've a wide variety of interests on Wikipedia. I translate articles from the Hungarian Wikipedia (I confess I have no account there, though - yet, anyway), and I like to expand and rewrite mediocre articles here. I also tend to just edit when I think I should.

My major area of interest is Soviet politics and history, and so many of my edits will be to this effect.

Some of my Contributions[edit]

More to come - I've only been here for a little while!

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Rewrite and Expand[edit]


Things to complete[edit]


My Userboxes[edit]

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