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You've reached The Farty Doctor's User Page!


I'm The Farty Doctor. I think the people on Wikipedia are incredible and amazing and I hope that together, as a community, we can keep the Wikipages coming!

What I Enjoy[edit]

In life, as you can probably tell, I learn languages. In the past, I have learned an array of languages going from Chinese to Italian but have finally settled on my final choices. I am proud to be British but also find foreign cultures fascinating. I have learned French and German to a level in which I can communicate with the locals, however, I do not refer to myself as fluent. I have learned Welsh to a near fluent degree and am in the beginnings of learning Japanese (as a kind of hobby).

Doctor Who[edit]

Doctor Who is a popular British family science fiction programme and I am OBSESSED with it. I absolutely adore it and I will be patrolling the pages relating to Doctor Who (along with other favourite things) to see if I can help out with upgrading them as the series continue.

Get in touch![edit]

I love learning new stuff and if you have any queries about anything that I've done, then please don't hesitate to get in touch via the talk page! See you around!