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Eon (game) is a console role-playing video game in development by []. Because Eon is in Development, the information is subject to change. Sony's PlayStation 3 is being considered as the sole console to run Eon because of the capacity of it's Blu-ray disc and the graphical power of its Cell Processor. Currently, many key things are known about Eon so far. The main story basically has you spanning two worlds in order to become re learn your power and stop the world from becoming engulfed in a poisonous shadow The main character you play as is named Rae, who possesses the ability to manipulate the flow of time and space. His main ally, for the beginning of the game, is Nova, who is said to be able to manipulate fire and must protect Rae at all costs. It is said that Eon will span two worlds, one named Endoma and the other is not yet known. The battle system is said to be a fusion of Final Fantasy XIII, Star Ocean, and Kingdom Hearts in which every attack that is made, will drain a part of your Soul Gauge (later discussed) and the lower the soul gauge, the weaker your attacks.

Battle System[edit]

Eon's battle system nicknamed the Destiny System, involves 3 main components; your Soul Gauge, Health and Destiny State.

The Soul Gauge has 6 bars to it that represent how strong your attacks will be. The stronger your attack, the more soul it will drain from the gauge. It is said that the developers want to try to have the player really think about how they will pull of their next move.

Your Health Gauge is your typical green bar, similar to that of the Final Fantasy series, but will slowly regenerate. This regeneration is based off of a purple bar below your health gauge, and the frequency of the flashes will show how fast your health is coming back. Perhaps health coming back at a normal pace will make the meter flash once every 1.5 seconds, and stat enhancers will flash 3 times a second.

Here comes what really sets Eon apart from many other Role-playing games. Every character starts off as one party role, like we know one character will be mainly a healer for a portion of the game. Later in the game, that person has a moment where all hope is lost and right when it looks like the end, we see what is currently being called a Change of Fate. In this occurrence, that person will completely change their role in the party, and we will also see their personality change (not much is being said about what changes could be seen). We now went from healing magic, to someone making comets smash into the ground, and using solar flares to incinerate the enemy. Once a character under goes their Change of Fate, that person can now freely change forms at will. Thus adds a new Destiny State icon showing what role that character is currently in.


Ability Good Fate Evil Fate
Fire Warrior Demon
Water Seraph Knight
Air Dragoon Example
Nature Elementalist Example
Life Shape-shifter Example
Death Summoner Warlock
Light Holy Universe
Shadow Arcanist Dark Priest
Ice Shieldsmith Enhancement
Lightning Vanguard Scourge
Poison Rogue
Change Sorcerer Archangel


The visual style of Eon is going to try and push Cel-Shaded graphics to it's limits. "It will be like watching a japanese anime, but you can actually move through the world", as said by the development team.


Alchemy is said to become big later on in Eon. "You cannot create something from nothing, something of equal value must be destroyed to create the end result"

Fire - Water - Air - Nature

Something simple requires Fire to take the heat from Water and make it Ice.


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