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This page links to articles to which I gave a significant contributions.

Done (I'm done with them, almost)[edit]

Default logic a formal logic that allows reasoning with default assumptions
Nixon diamond a classical example in nonmonotonic reasoning
Non-monotonic logic a logic where adding new facts may invalidate old consequences
Belief revision how a new belief can in incorporated into a set of previously held beliefs
Closed World Assumption the assumption that knowledge is complete
Autoepistemic logic a logic for reasoning about knowledge
Yale shooting problem a problem (solved by now) related to expressing reasoning about actions in logic
Frame problem representing actions in logic without explicitely specifying what they do not affect
Fluent (artificial intelligence) a summary of what is a fluent in AI, and the distinction between reified/non reified fluents
Event calculus a formalism for representing and reasoning about actions
Xlib a library for X11 clients
plan (calendar program) a calendar and day planner program for X11
wm2 an X11 window manager
X Window selection how selected text is exchanged in X11
Root window the background of X11, but not quite
Xnest an X11 server running in an X11 window
Xvfb X11 virtual server
Xeyes eyes that watch you and report to the Boss
X session manager session management in X11
XPenguins an X11 program showing some animations
X display manager a sort of server for X11 servers
Shape extension non-rectangular windows in X11
Xinit a program for manually starting an X11 server
HTTP cookie (featured article) [1] pieces of data exchanged between a Web browser and server
Query string the part of an URL that is passed to CGI programs
X keyboard extension improved handling of keyboard in X11
X Window core protocol [2] the base protocol of X11
X resources parameters for X11 programs
X Window authorization how programs are given access to an X11 server
Binary to text encoding methods for converting arbitrary data in a stream of ASCII chars
Local consistency a property related to constraint satisfaction
Ordered graph some graph theory related to constraint satisfaction
Backmarking a techinque used in backtracking
Look-ahead (backtracking) a technique used in backtracking
Backjumping another technique used in backtracking
Constraint learning yet another technique used in backtracking
Constraint satisfaction dual problem a reformulation of a CSP
Local search (constraint satisfaction) a method for finding a solution of a constraint satisfaction problem
Hidden transformation another reformulation of a CSP
Hybrid algorithm (constraint satisfaction) algorithms combining different methods
Constraint logic programming logic programs with constraints in the body of clauses
Constraint satisfaction summary of topics about constraints
Concurrent constraint logic programming concurrent version of constraint logic programming
Constraint inference entailment between constraints
Complexity of constraint satisfaction computational complexity of csp on finite domains
Decomposition method methods for translating a csp into an easy-to-solve form
Autonegotiation method used by Ethernet devices to decide communication parameters
Method of analytic tableaux method for checking satisfiability in propositional or first-order logic
Loop device a node device used to mount disk images
Network block device a node device whose content is on a remote computer
  1. ^ Featured article; on Main Page 8 May 2006
  2. ^ Was a featured article from March 11, 2006 to January 17, 2008

Incomplete (someone please add something...)[edit]

Answer set programming a declarative language similar to Prolog
Raymond Reiter one of the founders of the field of nonmonotonic reasoning
Abductive reasoning the process of deriving explanations from observations
Circumscription a different formalization of the closed world assumption
Defeasible logic a logic of rules and exceptions
Situation calculus a logic framework for representing and reasoning about actions
Hierarchical task network an automated planning formalism
X Window System protocols and architecture technicalities about X11

Future work (maybe quite far away in the future)[edit]

Truth maintenance systems knowledge representation systems with explicit representation of the dependency among beliefs, and able to maintain consistency
NP^NP a computational complexity class
Nonmonotonic reasoning this is more general than Non-monotonic logic, which is only the formalization of nonmonotonic reasoning using a formal logic
Nonmonotonic inference relation an inference relation that is non-monotonic
Preferential entailment an inference relation based on the minimal models of a formula according to some criteria of minimality
Temporal action logic a logical language for reasoning about actions