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Intro to Good Old Me[edit]

What's to say? I make the occasional edit to Wikipedia, and I'm a huge fan of reality TV. I live in Toronto. I have a tendency to come across sections written by disgruntled editors. I find them hilarious and usually save them for others' viewing pleasure. Wanna talk? Go to my Talk Page.

Interesting Edits[edit]

Found on the page for Adam Vaughan:

"Let me tell you about Adam Vaughan. His old man was a self important pompous bag of gas, and nothing I hear when Junior opens his yap disuades me of the notion that in this case the turd doesn't fall very far from the sphinctor."

Found on the page for Carson Kressley:

He has had surgery on his balloon knot to allow 15 penises to enter, Know to have a tattoo above his ass saying 24 hour access. He has never seen a female vagina because he doesn't trust anything that can bleed for 5 days and not die.He is so gay he shits a rainbow. His mum is so fat she jumped on the rainbow, skittles popped out. His parents has said on numerous occasions if they had know he would be a poo pusher they would have had that abortion. It is believed that his mum tried to have an mexican abortion that involves being hit like a Piñata. He made medical history when he fell out his mums ass during birth.