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Savas C. Tsivicos

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Savas C. Tsivicos
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Business Leader and Philanthropist
Born January 13, 1961
Innia, Paphos, Cyprus
Occupation Businessman, Philanthropist, Activist
Spouse(s) Maria Tsivicos
Children Haralambos Savas, Ellpetha Eleni, Evangelos Savas Tsivicos
Parent(s) Persephone Charalambous Tsivikou and Charalambos Savas Tsivikos

Savas Charalambos Tsivicos (January 13, 1961 - Present) In Greek: Σαβασ Χαραλαμποσ Τσιβικοσ is a Cypriot born American businessman, activist, and philanthropist. He arrived in the United States in 1982, immediately beginning his career in activism and philanthropy. The focus of his work was primarily the movement for justice for Cyprus, referring to the 1974 illegal occupation by Turkey. He rose through the ranks of business establishing a multi-million dollar construction company, as well as many other ventures including restaurants, assisted living, real estate, and hedge funds. He was a notable recipient of the Ellis Island Medal of Honor, alongside President Bill Clinton, as well as many other prestigious awards for his political, philanthropic, and social contributions to the United States, Greece, and Cyprus. He is currently serving on the Hellenic American Heritage Commission of New Jersey, first appointed by Governor Corzine before he left office. Savas has served as the President of the Cyprus Federation of America for two terms, and through his tenure has developed many long lasting ties with US politicians and foreign dignitaries. He has established himself as a major international player in the movement for justice for cyprus and the advancement of Hellenic ideals. He has appeared on numerous foreign and domestic radio and television programs throughout the course of his lengthy career.[1]

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