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Flag of the Netherlands.svg This user is of Dutch ancestry.
nl Deze gebruiker heeft het Nederlands als moedertaal.
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nds-1 Disse Bruker hett grundleggen Plattdüütsch-Kenntnis.
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sv-1 Denna användare har grundläggande kunskaper i svenska.
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Hi, my name is Tubantia and I was born (January 6, 1983) in Hengelo, in the province of Overijssel in the Netherlands. I have been a member of the Wikipedia community since June 15, 2005 and I joined the English version June 23, 2005. At this moment I just finished my study medicine at Leiden University.

The name Tubantia refers to the region where I was born, i.e. Twente, although this name may actually be incorrect, as the Tubanti (or Tuihanti) may never have been to this area.

I'll be on the English Wikipedia especially to add InterWikis to the Wikipedia versions in other languages, but I hope to add some articles if possible.